Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral

We’re proud to announce that as of March 2021, Beacon Hill Mushrooms Ltd. is a certified Carbon Neutral business!

Through a program of carbon offsetting projects and reforestation, we’re doing our bit to become a part of the solution to the climate change problem.

We're committed to real change.

Through partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain™, we’re helping to fund real projects with real results.

Trees Planted
Tonnes of CO2 Removed​

Every year.

“Surely it is our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on Earth.”

Sir David Attenborough​

Carbon Offsetting

Through Carbon Offsetting projects, we are contributing to real, measurable reductions in CO2 emissions.

Our contribution is responsible for the reduction of 60 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year.

Phillipines Wind Farm Project

Our Carbon Offsetting projects are certified to the highest standards. This ensures that our contribution has real tangible results.

Our projects in the developing world help to provide education, employment, clean water, energy and a positive impact on the local wildlife and ecology.

Brazil Hydroelectric Project

Replanting Project in Kenya

Planting trees is one of the most sustainable ways to offset carbon. Forest projects absorb CO², refract the earth’s heat, as well as having a positive impact on wildlife, ecology and biodiversity.

With woodland creation projects in Scotland, and solar and wind projects in England, we also ensure that our impact is felt at home as well as abroad.


Real change starts with real change.

We commit to planting 30 trees every month.

Thats 360 trees every year; equivalent to 1.5 acres of Amazon Reforestation.