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Sterile Vial of Liquid Culture medium. Available in 40ml or 100ml vials.

High-quality medical grade glass vials with butyl rubber injection ports.

Contains 40ml/100ml of sterile liquid culture medium. Formulated for rapid mycelial growth.

  • Easy to use – Just inject 2-5ml of your chosen mushroom liquid culture.
  • Expand a Liquid Culture or spore syringe many times over. Turn 2ml into over 100ml!
  • Clone a mushroom by needle-biopsy method.


40ml vial contains 40ml liquid culture medium, with space to add up to 5ml of starter culture.

100ml vial contains 100ml liquid culture medium, with space to add up to 10ml starter culture – though 2-5ml should be plenty!


To Use Vial (To Expand a Liquid Culture/Spore Syringe*)

  • In aseptic area, clean work surfaces and vial thoroughly with 70% alcohol.
  • Pop off the plastic vial cap to expose the rubber injection membrane.
  • Affix needle to your Liquid Culture/spore syringe body with a twist.
  • Wipe down the rubber injection port with 70% alcohol.
  • Insert the needle through the injection port, and inject 2-5ml of LC/spore solution.
  • Incubate at the required temperature for your species.
  • Shake occasionally to help break up mycelium as it grows.
  • Ready to use!
  • Withdraw many syringes of LC to inoculate grain spawn, or even more Liquid Culture Vials!


Our Liquid Culture Vials are carefully prepared in a sterile cleanroom lab environment.  Liquid culture medium is autoclave sterilised at 121°c.  Our lab filtration is rated to ULPA U15 – far exceeding the industry standard HEPA 13/14.

Vials may contain a small amount of sediment. This is primarily caramelised sugars; a natural result of the autoclave process. This sediment is not detrimental in any way to the mycelium – it is in fact a source of nutrition.  The liquid culture medium may become clearer or lighter in colour as the mycelium consumes the nutrients in the liquid – this is perfectly normal.

Please note: * It is advisable to inoculate the Expansion Vial with a clean liquid culture.  Multi-Spore Syringes are inherently non-sterile and are more likely to contaminate a liquid culture. 

10 reviews for Liquid Culture Expansion Vial

  1. Lance j Gilhooley (verified owner)


    • Louis (store manager)

      Hi Lance,

      Looks like your review was caught by our language filter.

      I am sorry to hear you have had some trouble using your Liquid Culture Vial.

      I am also sorry you didn’t feel you were able to contact us first to discuss the issue in a civil manner, before leaving your rudely worded review, and before reusing the vial.

      We offer a guarantee of product quality and sterility on all items and policy would be to offer a replacement item.

      However per our refund and return policy, we require photos of the affected item showing the issue as it has occured. We may also arrange for the return of the item to invistigate in the event of a manufacturing issue.

      As you have disassembled and reused the vial this is not something we are able to cover.

  2. Alan D. (verified owner)

    First time ordering from Beacon Hill Mushrooms – 100% recommend and will return.

  3. Ana (verified owner)

    Haven’t tried it yet but fast delivery (though the box had a big hole but the product was well protected inside) and it looks really promising!

  4. Will B. (verified owner)

    haven’t used it yet but looks really good

  5. Matthew Wheadon (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Perhaps slightly too expensive. It only encourages me to make my own rather than repeat buy the product. Perhaps bulk deals or a membership discount could be considered?

    • Louis (store manager)

      Thanks for your feedback!
      We’ve got some exciting plans for the new year, and are planning to offer these in case quantities. We’ll let you know when they’re available!
      Mush Love.

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great,no contamination

  7. Dean Scott (verified owner)

    Good product

  8. Joseph (verified owner)

    I used to take a needle biopsy resulting in explosive growth, very good solution.

  9. Ryan Greene (verified owner)

    looks great haven’t tried it yet.

  10. Christophe Caillaud (verified owner)


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