Coco Coir 650g Brick


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650g Brick of 100% Natural Coco Coir.

An ideal addition to many bulk mushroom substrate mixes.

Please note: 650g is the ‘nominal’ weight of these bricks at time of manufacture.  Due to moisture loss, actual weight may be lower.  

Top Tip – To calculate the amount of water needed to reach field capacity, weigh your brick and multiply the value in grams by 5 – this is the amount of water in ml you will need.


650g Brick of 100% Natural Coco Coir.  An ideal addition to many bulk mushroom substrate mixes.

Aids water retention, and is easily pasteurised.

Compressed brick expands once hydrated to 9L in volume! 

1 review for Coco Coir 650g Brick

  1. Sam Davenport (verified owner)

    Yep it’s coir alright

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