Intermediate Cultivation
Milky mushroom

Strain Profile

Native to India, the Milky Mushroom is a commonly cultivated tropical mushroom.  

A striking white, the Milky Mushroom is naturally found in humus rich soil in agricultural fields or along the roadside in tropical and subtropical parts of India.  This mushroom is robust, with a shelf life of around 7 days at (warm) room temperature.

C. Indica grows well on pasteurised supplemented straw.  Farmers in India normally use milled paddy straw as substrate (2~5 cm).  This species benefits greatly from a casing layer.

This tropical species is cold-sensitive and may die if exposed to temperatures below 6-8˚c. 

This strain fruits from 27-38˚c.  

Preferred agar culture media:  MEA, MYA, PDYA

Preferred substrate:  Supplemented straw

Also Known As: 

  • Dhuth chatta (“Milky white mushroom”)
  • Milky Mushroom

Growing Parameters

Spawn Run

Temperature: 25-30°c
Relative Humidity: 80-85%
Duration: 15-21 days
CO2: >5000 ppm
Fresh Air Exchanges: 0-1 per hour
Light Requirements: n/a

Primordia Formation

Temperature: 25-35°c
Relative Humidity: 90-100%
Duration: 10-14 days
CO2: <1000 ppm
Fresh Air Exchanges: 4-8 per hour
Light Requirements: 500-1000 lux0


Temperature: 27-38°c
Relative Humidity: 90-98%
Duration: 5-10 days
C02: <1000 ppm
Fresh Air Exchanges: 4-8 per hour
Light Requirements: 500-1000 lux

Pre-Poured Agar Plates

MEA, MYA, PDA, PDYA, Activated Carbon
In a range of colours!
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