Intermediate Cultivation
Buna Shimeji

Strain Profile

Buna Shimeji is a popular edible mushroom native to East Asia.  It is farmed extensively in Japan.

Most often the mushroom is found on beech trees, hence the common name, beech mushroom.  

Best yields are to be had on supplemented sawdust.  It is possible to cultivate on straw, but yields are too small as to be commercially viable.

Buna Shimeji have a slightly buttery, nutty flavour, and a firm texture.  Versatile in cooking, they can be fried, stir-fried, or added whole to soups or stews.

This strain fruits from 13-18˚c.  

Preferred agar culture media:  MYA, PDYA

Preferred substrate:  Hardwood Logs, Supplemented Sawdust. Particularly favours Beech.

Also Known As: 

  • Beech Mushroom
  • Brown Beech Mushroom

Growing Parameters

Spawn Run

Temperature: 24-29°c
Relative Humidity: 95-100%
Duration: 10-16 days
CO2: >5000pm
Fresh Air Exchanges: 0-1 per hour
Light Requirements: n/a

Primordia Formation

Temperature: 10-16°c
Relative Humidity: 95-100%
Duration: 7-10 days
CO2: 500-1000 ppm
Fresh Air Exchanges: 4-8 per hour
Light Requirements: 500-1000 lux


Temperature: 13-18°c
Relative Humidity: 90-95%
Duration: 5-8 days
C02: 800-1200 ppm
Fresh Air Exchanges: 4-8 per hour
Light Requirements: 500-1000

Pre-Poured Agar Plates

MEA, MYA, PDA, PDYA, Activated Carbon
In a range of colours!
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