Intermediate Cultivation

Strain Profile

Nameko is one of the most popular cultivated mushrooms in Japan.  The cap is covered in a translucent slime when fresh, which disappears when cooked.  Great in soups, where it acts as a thickener, and adds a complex, nutty flavour to stir-fries. 

Common in the temperate highlands of China, Taiwan, and northern Japan.

A striking golden colour, Nameko fruits on hardwood or softwood logs or hardwood sawdust.  Logs should be partially buried due to the species’ high moisture requirement.  

This strain fruits from 12-18˚c.  

Preferred agar culture media:  MEA, MYA, PDYA

Preferred substrate:  Hardwood or Softwood Logs, Supplemented Sawdust. Particularly favours Oak and Beech.

Also Known As: 

  • Namerako
  • Slime Pholiota

Growing Parameters

Spawn Run

Temperature: 24-29°c
Relative Humidity: 95-100%
Duration: 10-16 days
CO2: >5000pm
Fresh Air Exchanges: 0-1 per hour
Light Requirements: n/a

Primordia Formation

Temperature: 10-16°c
Relative Humidity: 95-100%
Duration: 7-10 days
CO2: 500-1000 ppm
Fresh Air Exchanges: 4-8 per hour
Light Requirements: 500-1000 lux


Temperature: 13-18°c
Relative Humidity: 90-95%
Duration: 5-8 days
C02: 800-1200 ppm
Fresh Air Exchanges: 4-8 per hour
Light Requirements: 500-1000

Pre-Poured Agar Plates

MEA, MYA, PDA, PDYA, Activated Carbon
In a range of colours!
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