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Pink Oyster Mushroom

Strain Profile

The Pink Oyster mushroom is a striking species of Oyster mushroom.  Widespread in tropics worldwide, mushrooms from this group have been collected in Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, New Guinea, Borneo, Japan, Brazil, Mexico and the Antiles.

A vivid pink colour, it fruits on a wide range of substrates including: hardwood logs, sawdust, and straw. This species prefers tropical hardwoods, including Palm and Rubber trees, and is also found on Bamboo.

This species is a very aggressive coloniser.  Primordia are a bright red-pink, later fading to salmon pink as the fruit body develops. Over-mature mushrooms may fade to a straw colour.  

The mushrooms should be harvested before full maturity, when colour and flavour are at their best.  This species has a short shelf-life post harvest, lasting no more than 3-4 days.

Yields can be as high as other Oyster species such as Blue Oyster. Grown indoors on wheat straw, you can expect a Biological Efficiency of 75-150%.  

This strain fruits from 20-30˚c.

Pink Oyster cultures should NOT be refrigerated.  This tropical species may die if kept below ~8˚c.  

Preferred agar culture media:  MYA/PDYA

Preferred substrate:  Hardwood, Sawdust, Pasteurised Straw, Tropical Hardwoods including Palm and Rubber trees

Also Known As: 

  • Salmon Oysters
  • Flamingo Oysters
  • Takiiro Hiratake (Japan)

Growing Parameters

Spawn Run

Temperature: 24-30°c
Relative Humidity: 95-100%
Duration: 7-10 days
CO2: >5000pm
Fresh Air Exchanges: 0-1 per hour
Light Requirements: n/a

Primordia Formation

Temperature: 18-25°c
Relative Humidity: 95-100%
Duration: 2-4 days
CO2: 500-1000 ppm
Fresh Air Exchanges: 5-8 per hour
Light Requirements: 750-1500 lux


Temperature: 20-30°c
Relative Humidity: 85-95%
Duration: 3-5 days
C02: <1000 ppm
Fresh Air Exchanges: 5-8 per hour
Light Requirements: 1000-2000 lux 

Pre-Poured Agar Plates

MEA, MYA, PDA, PDYA, Activated Carbon
In a range of colours!
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