How To Grow: Wine Caps on Wood Chips or Straw

The Wine Cap mushroom is one of the easiest to grow at home!  It can be grown in almost any garden, and requires no special tools or equipment at all. The most important thing to remember is to maintain moisture levels.  All mushrooms require moisture and humidity to thrive.  Through proper placement and planning, you […]

Agar – Preparation

In our previous guide we covered what agar is, and gave an overview of some of the different types and what they’re used for. This article will aim to explain how to prepare your own agar for use in petri dishes or making your own master culture slants.   You can prepare agar! There are just […]

Agar – What You Need To Know

Working with agar might seem like a bit of a scientific dark-art, reserved for men in white coats with severe expressions and clipboards.   But it’s not nearly as mysterious or exclusive as it might seem.  You can – and should – be working with agar.  It’s an incredibly useful tool for the aspiring mycologist! This, […]

Growing Your Own Mushrooms – A Beginner’s Guide

Blue Oyster Mushrooms

Growing your own mushrooms can at first seem a bit daunting.   But it doesn’t have to be! This article will serve as a rough starting point, giving a broad overview rather than specific instructions.  We’ll be releasing some more specific guides over the coming weeks. It’s easy to grow mushrooms at home, and you can […]